Download Norton Antivirus and Activation of Norton Setup

Norton antivirus setup is coming in various configurations – standard, deluxe and premium. You can buy the product online or get it from a store. How to setup Norton with a product key.


    Uninstall already existing internet security software from your computer. For starting download and installation, Norton antivirus requirements are listed below.

  1. Windows XP and other, Current Mac OS, Android 2.3 and iOS 8
  2. 150 MB available space
  3. RAM 256 and above

Download and Installation Norton Antivirus

1. Go to the official website

2. Click on create account for signing up and complete the registration process or sign in with existing username and password.

3. Go to the setup window. Click on Enter a new product key. Type the product key and click on enter. Product key is an alphanumeric number of 25 digits. If Norton product is purchased, the product key can be found on the back side of DVD or it may be printed on the box.

4. If you are interested in using Norton security for more than one device, you will find product keys in the devices tab of your Norton account. The automatic renewal service subscription contains more benefits. If you are interested to enroll then just click on Get started. You can skip this part if you want. Enter the credit and billing details for enrolling Automatic renewal service. After this you need to agree the license terms and proceed to download now and execute the software.

5. It will automatically start the installation process. You can add 10 devices at max. For setting up and installing more devices, you have to log in to your Norton account and click on add devices.

6. After following all the steps, if you are still not able to download and install Norton setup with the product key, you can take online assistance by connecting to Norton customer service number.

Norton Antivirus security support

Sometimes, users are not able to download Norton Product. In that case, Norton customer techies provide online assistance to the customers. Norton customer service is having round the clock availability so as to help users instantly. Fast resolution is one of the plus point of Norton customer service team. Norton antivirus is the most powerful virus removal software. It removes all the potential online threats to your computer system and provides virus resistance protection for future virus attacks.

Norton antivirus helps your PC to increase performance and stay secure. People are using Norton antivirus for their PC security. There are so many internet threats which are waiting every time to enter and damage your system. They might steal or delete your important data.

Sometimes computer crashes can occur. Norton utilities can easily fix common issues and help your PC to run smoothly for a longer time.

Call on customer service number to get online assistance for Norton product

If you are facing any technical problem in downloading, installing and activating Norton software, then you can take help from the experts. Experts will guide you the complete process properly.