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Now-a -days, online security has become one of the most important things for any business. This is just because of the dependency of the humans on the computers. Everything is being done by computers, all the data is stored in the computers. So, online security is must to run a business. Otherwise, online thefts can destroy your important data. Norton antivirus is the one of the most used antivirus in the world. This is just because of the outstanding security provided by the Norton against the online viruses and other malwares. Norton is world class antivirus, it has been proved to be the best online security provider. It has some powerful programs which do not leave a small malware. It destroys all kind of malwares and computer viruses such as Trojans etc. It is user friendly and easy to use. But still some users face technical issue in activating their Norton antivirus. We are here to help such users. For such users, we have written some steps to activate the Norton antivirus. Please follow and take benefit.

Step1: Find the product key. If you have purchased Norton online, you will get your product key in the confirmation mail sent to you. Otherwise, if you have bought Norton product CD, then your product key is in the box. It may be written on the sticker and on the scratch card on the back of CD.

Step2: Launch the Norton product. Double click on the Norton icon present on the desktop. Norton window will appear.

Step3: Click on the renew link. Renew link is present on the bottom of the Norton window.

Step4: Click on the ‘I have a key or code to enter’ button.

Step 5: Enter the product key in the field provided in the subscription window.

Step6: Click on ‘Next’ and the click on ‘close’ button. You are done.

After following all the steps properly, if you are still facing technical issue; just call on our toll free number. You can also go to or