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Norton antivirus phone number for 24*7 instant assistance regarding technical issues Viruses are definitely a big threat to the internet users. They slow down the speed of the computer or they delete some important files from the system. Not only this, some viruses are so much destructive that they disrupt the files and you are not able to access your original data. So definitely, users should have a proper kind of prevention for these viruses. They can prevent the viruses in their system by using Norton antivirus. Norton antivirus is very well known for its security purpose. But user faces some other kind of issues related to antivirus installation or some other related technical issues. In this situation, a user can connect to our Norton antivirus customer service and get proper assistance. We are one of the best Norton technical support provider in the world. We are ready to assist you for 24*7. You just need to call us on our Norton technical support phone number. We are having a proper team of excellent quality professional technicians. Our technicians have solved a lot many technical issues related to the Norton antivirus activation, installation etc. They quickly understand your problem and assist you to solve your technical issue.

Getting More Concerned for Security of Computer Systems with

In this modern hi tech world, computer has become a basic need of humans. You can look at any kind of business, food industry, IT industry, manufacturing industry etc. You will find that computers are providing a strong contribution to the growth of any business. Since every business is dependent on the use of computers, security of computers has become an essential task. Computer systems also need to be protected from internet viruses and online thefts. The Norton antivirus is well known for its potential malware removal capabilities. By using Norton antivirus, you will get the complete safety from all of the internet viruses. Activating the will be the best step towards making you computer completely safe. Installation process of Norton setup is easy but sometimes users are not able to perform the proper installation. Knowledge of proper installation is necessary because wrong installation of Norton com setup will not provide the complete safety effect.

Some common technical issues related to NORTON.COM/SETUP Installation

Installation issue-

Sometimes a user is not able to install the antivirus properly. It may happen due to less storage space or there may be some other system related problem. In this case, we will help you by providing best solution for your problem through live chat or telephone. We first understand your problem then we quickly give you the proper solution to your problem. You may face issues while uninstalling the Norton antivirus.

Un Installation issue –

A user can face difficulty in uninstalling the Norton antivirus. Since it requires technical knowledge to uninstall an antivirus, some users may not have all the required knowledge. In this case, users can get instant assistance just by connecting to us through our Norton antivirus technical support phone number. Our technicians will assist you on telephone and will provide you the best possible solutions to your Norton antivirus related problems.

Antivirus update related issue-

Suppose you have properly installed the antivirus software and you are using it whenever you need. Every antivirus works with full efficiency until it is outdated. Once it is outdated, you need to update it. It requires proper technical knowledge to update the software. Some Norton users may face problems while updating the Norton antivirus. Whenever this situation arises, you just call us on our Norton antivirus technical support number. We will help you to resolve the issue as soon as it is possible.

Instructional steps to install Norton antivirus:

  1. Downloading the setup: Go to and download Norton antivirus setup. You can also get Norton setup by using a Norton CD.
  2. Installing the setup:
    • Setup is downloaded from the website: If Norton setup is downloaded from, then just double click on the Norton setup. It will open a Norton install window and then keep clicking next, enter the product key, then click Next and Click Finish in the last.
    • Setup is taken from the Norton CD: In this case, insert the CD in the CD drive. Windows XP and Windows Vista users will click ‘Introduce Norton Antivirus’. While in case of Windows 7 users, they will need to click ‘Dispatch Norton Install’ and after that click on ‘Introduce Norton Antivirus’.
    • Setup is taken from the Norton USB: In this case, insert the USB in the USB port. Vista and XP users will be asked to click on ‘Dispatch Norton Install’ and after that click on ‘Introduce Norton Antivirus’. Windows 7 users have to click on ‘Open folder to view documents’. Then double click on the start.exe and then click on ‘Introduce Norton Antivirus’.
  3. Now use the Norton setup with product key. Enter the product key in the product key field.
  4. Once the Norton setup with product key is entered, users will be asked to click on ‘Introduce options’ interface.

Connect with Norton customer support by dialing +1-866-880-0508 to get instant Norton Activation Support

Norton internet security or Norton antivirus products are the important tools for protecting computer from virus. Norton customer support provides the complete assistance for Norton setup. All the virus issues are resolved here. Sometimes, in spite of having all the tight securities in the computer system, computer systems are prone to damage because of unknown factors. Some of the issues on which Norton customer support helps you are given below.

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Why to install Norton antivirus?

Now-a-days computers are being used in every aspect of the business world. You can see computers in Education sector, IT sector, Transportation sector, banking sector, Infra developing sector etc. Banks have all the important data on their servers. There are many online thefts who want to steal the bank account details of the customers and want to steal all the money from the customer’s account. Banks have their own internet security system which is very strong to be damaged or interfered by the online viruses or thefts. In education sector, all the job exams are taken online. In this case, all the exam papers are stored online, they can be stolen or interfered by hackers. But we have never heard this type of theft. This is just because they all have their own high security systems. So, Norton antivirus should be installed to get the complete security for your personal computers. Install NORTON antivirus to avoid any damage to your important data.

If you want to Setup your Norton Retail Card then please follow the below web address as per of your product version

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  • We have mentioned most of the Norton antivirus technical issues which a user faces. Connect to us whenever you face any technical issue related to Norton antivirus by calling us on our Norton antivirus customer service number.